Friday, October 25, 2019

Anonymous Email Address Story-New Site Features

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New features are being added daily to The Anonymous Email Address Story.  These features will make for good reading, information and more reasons than ever to bookmark and engage this site.  We will be offering Disqus in the near future to add even better commenting features for those who wish to become involved and build their backlinks in a very progressive and long term method.  Any information and links added here will simply make their presence on Google even stronger.

In The Beginning

Creative thought is not easily defined. From where it comes, nor even where it will go is a mystery to most. Anonymous Email Address answers the call of The Universe as it goes about the process of calling out specific instructions. Becoming a creative writing master was just one of those callings that began long ago. In reality, the art of creative writing is a mystery to most. Putting thoughts, actions, feelings, intutions and visualizations into logical words so that others may share in a positive experience would be the goal. Having written both for pleasure and for pay, Anonymous Email Address now enters into another, more explicit path. Amplified thought relaying to the building of trusted site domains that will become centralized power houses of all types of information and topics for others on the world wide web to benefit from seeing.
Having no commercialized goals in mind with these writings is a delightfully refreshing change of pace for this master writer. Having been employed by numerous powerful online promoters and companies in the past, the art of writing for the search engine spiders was a most interesting field of endeavor. In today's world, greed, lust and the ever present MLM mindset on the world wide web of deceit causes so many different people to believe that millions are being made online. In fact, most of the network marketing gurus seen online are doing nothing but faking it until they make it. This has led Anonymous Email Address to move completely away from this misguided field of endeavor and to enter fully into the creative motion of writing when The Universe speaks. So it begins.

Visulaization Mastery

Having been granted powerful visualilzations about the Universe for a number of years now, Anonymous Email Address uses these innate forces to guide, instruct and light the path of creation of sites, content and all that is accomplished online. Taking no credit at all for putting these assets into motion, simply going through the day and following the guides set forth by The Universe has become a habit for many productive years. The delusions and illusions that most encounter in life are not a part of this author's existence on this planet. Simplifying life to the maximum advantage is leading day by day to the creations being seen on the web at this time. Moving away from the conventional thinking that is seen on social media outlets, and letting the natural flow of energy direct the words means the building and growing of domain names that will someday become focus points of interest for all readers on the web.
The outcome of this effort is left solely up to the whims of The Universe. It is not known at this time where the words will go, who will actually find and follow the sites, nor what the final outcome of the work accomplished will be; however, wherever this does go, it will all be for the good for those fortunate enough to find and become part of the Anonymous Email Address experience.

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